Vinify Wine Co is the culmination of many years worth of research, learning and making relationships with people within the wider wine community. It’s our vehicle to express ourselves and our wine circle, as well as bring value to the Australian wine community 

The ethos behind our portfolio is as simple as it is important, great wines from great growers, which first and foremost have a sense of place. This key ingredient is what we firmly believe makes the wine industry such a fascinating one, and without it we would be selling you just another product. In many cases our wines are benchmarks for quality or value, often both, but through our close relationships with our growers we know that they are always working to better the wines they produce each and every vintage. 

Vinify has a simple goal, to be Australia’s best wine business. That doesn't mean the biggest or most self-important, but we do want to be the best. This is the start of that journey and we hope you’ll be with us for the ride.

Christian Canala and the Vinify Wine Co team.

Vinify Wine Co are available in every state to provide personalised services for your business. These include

  • Wine list creation and procurement

  • Staff training

  • Expert advice on Italian wines

  • Wine events

  • Food and beverage matching