Veneto, IT

To speak with either Alberto or Chiara Coffele about their estate in Verona’s Castelcerino, to have a trod through the vineyards, pat the horses and breathe the sweet dewy air is the only way to truly under-stand the magic of Coffele. This is a farming family first and foremost, their ancestral roots directly linked to the limestone beneath their small acreage, and since the beginning of their family’s foray into the world of viticulture they have been at the helm of Verona’s sustainable wine fraternity. 

Soave is king here, with the majority of the wines being white and the vineyards predominantly planted to Garganega. Some Trebbiano di Soave, Chardonnay and most recently a couple of hectares of the red Valpolicella varieties make up the balance of the production here, and each and every vine is raised with respect to the ‘humus’ – organic matter and microorganisms found in the soil – thanks in the most part to the horses who tend the vineyards. 

Every vintage, the wines here provide the aromatics, energy and complexity distinctive of Verona 

“One of the wineries that has championed the image and value of Veronese whites in the last decade is that of Alberto and Chiara Coffele, two of the most appreciated growers in the Soave area. Their estate comprises a single plot of 25 ha where limestone mitigates the influence of basalt, conferring elegance and tautness on the wines” 

Gambero Rosso, Italian Wines