feudi bizanti

Abruzzo, IT

Feudi Bizantini is a young project founded by a group of wine lovers whom have joined their efforts to take the best from a set of factors linked to the climate, the territory typologies, the grapes and the hu-man work that make Crecchio a unique land in the world wine atlas. The winery’s dedication to Abruzzo’s viticultural past, to innovation, and to research has resulted in superior wines that have elevated this important winegrowing area to world class status. 

Located in the historical Byzantine town of Crecchio where a medieval castle dominates the hills where the centre of the village lies, the vine-yards are situated among the hills in the provinces of Chieti in the region of Abruzzo while the beautiful modern winery is located within the town. 

The unique position of the vineyards allows them to benefit from the sea and mountain breezes, producing wines that are full in body and truly represent the characteristics of the region. Limestone rich soils with a light base of clay and sand are thanks to the proximity to the Gran Sasso mountain range, and the altitude of the estate itself cre-ates diurnal temperatures ideal for ripening whilst retaining structure within the grapes. 

The aim of Feudi Bizantini is to make its work the faithful expression of the territory it was named after, through non-invasive usage of mod-ern tech and traditional methods