McLaren Vale, SA

It wasn’t so long ago that it dawned on Andy Coppard and Ange Townsend, who then worked together at Kay Brothers in McLaren Vale, that their preferred wines were Pinot Noirs from Burgundy – light wines with fragrance, spice, depth of character and mineral freshness – as a pose to the new world efforts they were making here. Fast forward only a few short years and Lino Ramble, their own brand and sole focus, is a reflection of exactly what Andy and Ange envisage as wines that they want to drink and produce

While McLaren Vale is home for the winery and many of the vineyards from where fruit is sourced, the Adelaide Hills is starting to play a role as home for the cool climate varieties Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo, released in small production runs from this year. The flagships though remain Fiano and Nero d’Avola, two varieties which have shown themselves to be so suitable to the microclimates within McLaren Vale where most of the vineyards that Andy works with are situated

In the winery, the approach is very much nothing added, nothing taken away. Save for some minimal sulphur additions (low on the whites and next to none on the reds) what’s bottled is fermented juice and that’s it. An approach which has garnered the wines praise for their purity, innate freshness and the texture that is so important to every bottle of Lino Ramble wine