Veneto, IT

The Pasqua family remain at the forefront of brilliant winemaking families in Treviso, near Veneto’s centre in the North-Eastern sector of Italy. After making a name for their estate labelled Valpolicella and Amarone, the attention turned to white wines typical of the altitude and maritime influence of this part of Europe 

Montevento exists as a small estate devoted to the production of excellent Pinot Grigio from a site typified by the combination of lime-stone soil, long daylight hours and importantly cold alpine breezes (hence the name). The one wine offered is a no frills example of what quality PG grapes can produce when left to its own devices. Vibrant, crunchy and citrus led, here is a grigio of texture, fragrance and energy seldom seen from Veneto and even less so at this price point. 

The San Giorgio range of reds come from vineyards in the Southern parts of Italy, grown for generosity and fruit character. Delicious value reds with surprising depth and volume but inherently balanced and well made.