schwarz wine co

Barossa Valley, SA

Through his family vineyards and close relationships with growers in the Barossa, including vignerons who are the custodians of vines up to 130 years of age, Jason Schwarz has forged his brand as a reflection of the unique territory of the Barossa Valley. His winemaking style is simple, with the philosophy to let the vineyard talk to the drinker. 

Unlike many of his contemporaries in the Barossa, Jason’s aim is to craft defined wines of balance and elegance, so most of his wines experience no new oak with grapes hand-picked before most others in the region to maintain the freshness and euro-feel the Schwarz label looks for in all of its wines. These are wines made to show the vineyard characters as well as the winemaker’s deft touch 

Whether via the Schwarz entry range, the insane value-for-money Metas, or the single vineyard wines from the oldest vineyards, the Schwarz story is one that encapsulates everything excellent about the history of Barossa Valley while keeping an eye on its future as an Australian fine wine icon.