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Le Marche, IT

Unlike many producers from Marche’s Castelli di Jesi DOC, Tenuta di Tavignano began towards the end of the 20th century with a one-eyed focus on producing sublime versions of the region’s most famous (but at the time maligned) grape variety – Verdicchio. Rewind to the late 80s and early 90s, it was a very similar story in Marche as it was in Tuscany and Veneto where the native local varieties were being re-planted to Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and the like (the ‘International’ varieties in Italian speak). So it was with interest that the knowing few watched Stefano Aymerich actually plant Verdicchio in the most favoured parcels of the estate which he had just purchased off the road from Ancona to Macerata. His choice turned out to be an inspired one. Verdicchio now makes arguably Italy’s greatest white wines thanks mainly to people like Stefano Aymerich who grew it properly, controlled vine densities and allowed the fruit’s natural char-acter to talk 

Of the 35 ha under vine, most are planted to the white Verdicchio. The best exposed land is chosen for the ‘superiore’ wines which we import, and a tiny 4 ha plot to the west of the winery is designated the Misco vineyard. It’s on these 4 ha of light clay, chalk and limestone that the Misco Superiore and Superiore Riserva cru wines are born. These concentrated, elegant masterpieces of Verdicchio captivated you over the past few weeks and continue to captivate reviewers worldwide, not just in Italy. Fair play to those of you who bought some of the 2015 vintage Misco Superiore, Gambero Rosso’s white of the year, that’s certainly a wine that you’ll be glad to have in your cellar in 2-3 years’ time 

Now, it’s Ondine De La Feld (Aymerich’s niece) who runs the company, with winemaker extraordinaire Giulio Piazzini controlling the cellar and the ever charismatic David Mazzufferi on commercial duties. This small team has propelled the estate to become – in a relatively short space of time – one of the prolific producers of Verdicchio, and by far one of our favourite partners in the wine world