Piedmont, ITA

Founded in 1977 in Alba, Italy, proprietor and head distiller Paolo Marolo creates his grappa by following two simple rules: source superior, single varietal pomace and press it as soon as possible. Freshness is so essential to Paolo that he keeps his discontinuous “Bain Marie” copper stills running around the clock during the harvest season. 

The discontinuous distillation method is more expensive than the modern, automated alternative and requires a great deal of experience and confidence on the part of the distiller. However, this traditional approach is favoured because it allows him to manually control the pace and evolution of the distillation. Over the years, Paolo has successfully developed key relationships with wineries throughout Italy to secure the finest pomace for Grappa Marolo. 

Now with second generation distiller Lorenzo Marolo overseeing many of the operations as well as having much more of a hand in Marolo’s stylistic and product direction, the distillery has started the process of diversifying into vermouth and amaro under the ‘Ulrich’ line. The first of these, the Amaro Ulrich, is a spice-laden bitter of mind-bending uniqueness. Stay tuned for plenty more where that came from.