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Ascoli Piceno, ITA

For over 140 years, the Meletti family have been producing their famous Anisetta liqueur from their own distillate and locally grown star anise. Ascoli Piceno’s combo of Mediterranean climate and clayey soil are perfect for growing fine spices, and the anise has been part of the scenery for centuries. The family use much the same methods as were originally practiced, meaning a liqueur that is far from a mass produced product. Each of the elements are of the highest quality, and the family themselves are a pleasure to deal with. These are timeless, and find many uses in recipes and cocktails, as well as behind a bar. 

[Meletti Anisetta] "Among the best of the its category, Meletti made its name experimenting with anise plants from numerous Italian provinces as far back as 1870, determining finally that the best quality anise grew on the Adriatic Coast directly east of Rome. The end result: a pungent aroma hinting at anise and fennel, and a mellow, sippable flavor that slowly unfurls fiery cinnamon, anise, Dutch licorice and a sweet-herbal hint of sarsaparilla."
90pt Wine Enthusiast 

[Meletti Amaro] “Based on formulas from founder Silvio’s recipe books and later perfected by fourth-generation owner Silvio Meletti – the father of Matteo and Mauro Meletti, who represent the family’s fifth generation – Amaro Meletti sources many ingredients, including its signature saffron, from within the Marche region of Italy. It’s one of the most affordable amari on the market and one of the favourites among early amaro aficionados. Notes; light amber colour. Floral notes with cinnamon, saffron and gingerbread spice”
Brad Thomas Parsons, Amaro